Top Video Editing Trends of 2019

From AI enhancements to VR, the newest video editing trends set to take off in 2019 will be significantly enhanced by the latest technology. Developments in editing software, in particular, are empowering editors to take advantage of these cutting-edge trends on their home computers, and even on their phones.

These are shaping up to be the major 2019 video editing trends. Learn what they are and how you can use them for your next video from the minds behind PowerDirector.

  1. Artificial Intelligence-Driven Stylizations and Filters

If you’ve ever seen the films Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly or the more recent Loving Vincent, you’ve no doubt been in awe of the visual flair as those films appear to bring paintings to life. The inspiration of these films’ visual styles has cultivated a growing video editing trend of creating hyper-stylized videos that have a more artistic appearance.

AI-Style plug-ins powered by true artificial intelligence are able to analyze each frame and render it as though it had been painted by a master artist. CyberLink’s collection of AI Style Packs for video includes two impressionist style packs that allow your video to take the appearance of artists like Monet and Van Gogh paintings. This video editing trend is incredibly easy to try for yourself!

  1. 360-Degree VR Editing

With 360-degree VR cameras more accessible than ever before, the need to edit 360-degree video comes with it. The editors capitalizing on this new medium are coming out with some truly groundbreaking work.

The Tiny Planet Effect is where the edges of a 360 video are brought around to meet on all sides, typically right on the horizon line.

Another growing video editing trend with 360-degree video is using the 360-degree camera to create multiple angles that record simultaneously, cutting down on the need for reshoots. This can be accomplished with PowerDirector thanks to CyberLink’s True360 view designer.

Of course, the technology making all this possible is a big factor too. These and other 360 videos are easier to effectively stabilize and render. The best place to see this video editing trend is with the rendering technology employed by PowerDirector, which is based on a 64-bit engine called TrueVelocity.

Mobile Video Editing

It’s not just the techniques used in video editing that are evolving, the platforms editors use are changing too. While complex video editing used to require a high-end computer, now you can find that same capability right on your phone! PowerDirector for Mobile is a timeline video & audio editor for Android devices that’s fully capable of advanced effects like chroma key.

Be a 2019 Video Trend Setter

So those are the three major 2019 video editing trends to watch out for. Keep them in mind if you’re checking out new looks for your videos in the coming year. You can even give PowerDirector a go with a free trial!