The Best Video Title Templates for YouTube Creators

When it comes to creating YouTube content that generates views, the details matter. PowerDirector comes with Title Designer, a useful, intuitive tool that comes loaded with plenty of video title templates, as well as over 120 animation effects to add that special touch that grabs the attention of potential viewers. Here’s how to use them.

Creating a Title

Your first step is to navigate to the Title Room. That’s where you’ll find a wide variety of themes that make it easy to create eye-catching titles. You can create basic 2D titles, or try making titles with a 3D effect to really make your video pop. Once you’re in the Title Room, click Text Only, and then add your preferred title template to your timeline.

Using Title Designer

After you’ve added your template to your timeline, you’ll see Title Designer open up, which includes plenty more video title templates to further customize your title. Start by double-clicking the title itself and entering your preferred text.

Next, you can click Font/Paragraph to open a huge selection of options for font type, size, and color.

Adding Effects

Now that you have the basic look of your title in place, it’s time to add shadows, borders, and backdrop effects. At this point, it’s time to start experimenting. Title Designer is very user-friendly, so go ahead and click around Backdrop, Shadow, and Fill Type, adjust the settings, and watch the results change in real-time.

You can always undo any changes, so go ahead and see what types of video title templates and effects are appropriate for your project. What works for one creator may not be ideal for another. Also, there’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd, so get creative.

Animating the Title

Once you’ve decided on a stationary title, you can simply use that as it is, or you can add an animation effect to make the title more engaging.

Start by clicking the Effect tab. There, you’ll see even more templates, as well as the option to set the Starting Effect and Ending Effect so the animated title occurs exactly when you want it. From there, try out different animation video title templates until you find one that produces desirable results.

Using Special Effects

Now, it’s time to add the finishing touches, if you so desire. Click the Special Effects tab, and you’ll see a variety of unique special effects, including electricity, neon, fire and more. Simply choose your favorite effect, and then play with the size, color, density and opacity to tweak it to your exact preferences.

Try PowerDirector Today

The best way to create titles for your YouTube videos is to work with the program so you can see how the title works with your specific video. PowerDirector inspires creativity, and video title templates allow for endless customization. Download a free trial now, and elevate your content creation to new heights.