The Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

If you’ve got a YouTube channel but you’re reaching the limits of what you can do with it, you might be using the wrong editing software. There are many different video editing programs out there, and several factors to consider when choosing one. Here is a quick overview of key components that’ll help you make the right decision in choosing the best video editing software for your YouTube channel.

Platform Optimization

How well does a given program work with YouTube itself? Not all software support YouTube video formats, and the upload process can be easily streamlined, but only if the editor has direct upload capabilities. This can really make the difference when finding appropriate software, so remember to look closely and choose carefully!

What Can Your Computer Handle?

There are lots of really powerful software options, but they aren’t going to do you any good if your machine cannot handle the load. How sleek and fast a piece of software is will also limit its functionality to some degree. Any video editing software for YouTube that brings your computer to a crawl is less than ideal, so consider this a main factor when it’s time to make a choice. One of the key things to look for if you have a new laptop or editing PC is for software that has native 64-bit support. This allows for your software to fully utilize your system’s processing power, so that those heavy editing tasks can be done much quicker.

Pricing and Subscription Options

What’s your budget? Can you afford a subscription that would give you access to new updates and features, but may not be feasible over the long term? Simply paying a one-time fee for proprietary software will usually get you loads of premium features, but you may have to update manually.

Finally, there are lots of great free options, but you get what you pay for! Free software is likely going to be restricted in some pretty major ways. You’ll want to see what your wallet can handle before settling on anything.

Software That Fits Your Needs

What are your current editing abilities and skills like, and how much are you willing to improve them? Some software options reduce almost the entire process to a few clicks but are usually pretty basic.

Lots of video editing software for YouTube come with many options, but they won’t do you much good if you can’t figure out how to use them. If the program you choose doesn’t have a much in the way of community and support (more on that below) or an intuitive interface, you might hit some dead ends when looking to do more complex video editing.

Community and Support

This is an important factor to consider because it can determine how much you can do once you’ve reached your own individual limit. A good support package can help get you unstuck in a hurry, super useful when you’ve got a deadline. And a vibrant community can help you find new, creative ways to utilize all of a given programs features to the fullest.

Making the Choice of Video Editing Software for Your YouTube Channel

Ultimately some combination of these factors will determine the best choice for you. If you’re looking for video editing software for YouTube that ticks all the boxes without being too much of one thing or another, check out CyberLink’s PowerDirector products. It’s easy-to-use but still pro-friendly, powerful but not a memory hog, and offers up the basics plus some an host of unique tools other software doesn’t have.

With both free and premium versions, a robust support network, and a vibrant community of users, PowerDirector is our top choice for versatile, powerful editing software.