The Best PiP Templates for Video Creators

Picture in picture (PiP) video editing is an easy technique that yields professional results. PiPs allow you to insert an image, moving graphic, or a video on top of your existing video. PowerDirector lets you create your own PiP template, or you can use one of the built-in options. You can also make the PiP object move across the screen using built-in motions, or you can customize your own.

The Basics

The first step is learning how to overlay one object over your background video. Here’s how to get started with picture in picture video editing:

1.Drag your background video to the top of the timeline (track 1)

2.Drag the overlay video(s) to the tracks below

3.Select the second (or only) video to be resized and overlaid

4.Click the resizing handles on the object and resize it to your specifications

5.Position the resized object on the background video

Integrated Templates

You may want to use the built-in Video Collages to make the editing process faster, easier, and more consistent. Here’s how to access and use these handy templates so you can make picture in picture video editing a breeze.

1. Navigate to the Plug-ins menu item and select Video Collage Designer

2. A new window will open with your video clips on the left side and the templates on the right

3. Just drag and drop your video clips into your preferred template — it’s that easy!

Template Ideas

When it comes to using PiP templates, you’re only limited to your imagination. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Split Screen:

A split screen effect is one of the most versatile templates for many types of videos. For example, say you have a video podcast with two hosts. You could have one host on the left (1) and one on the right (2). If you want to jazz it up, you can use a slanted split, rather than a traditional vertical border.


Splitting the screen up three ways is a picture in picture video editing technique that’s perfect for performance videos. For example, if you’re filming a live band, you could film three different members and give them each their own section of the screen. Beyond traditional 1|2|3 formats, you can split the screen up in uneven proportions to fit your vision.


Want to make sure nobody uses your video without permission? You can use basic PiP editing to drag and drop a watermark onto your video. You can even edit it to move across the screen to add a touch of professionalism while protecting your work.

Try Professional Video Editing Software

Want to try these easy techniques and more? We’re confident in our robust software, and we offer free 30-day trials. PowerDirector is used by amateurs and professionals alike. It’s intuitive and easy to use, but it’s also incredibly powerful. Take your videos to the next level with Picture in picture video editing.