How to Use Color Grading Presets in PowerDirector to Set the Mood of Your Video

PowerDirector comes fully loaded with all the features you need to create professional videos, including color grading presets. If you watch Hollywood films, you’ve probably noticed that they often use color grading to set specific moods. Sometimes these effects are subtle, but they can also create powerful atmospheres and emotions that really immerse the viewer in the setting.

The Basics

How you use color grading moods is up to your imagination. Experimenting with different hues is a great way to make your video stand out by setting a tone for specific scenes. That said, there are some classic color grading settings that can be used to evoke certain moods.

    • Green: nature, youth
    • Light blue: calm, cold, fantasy
    • Dark blue: horror, depression
    • Pink: charming, feminine
    • Red: anger, passion, love
    • Orange: enthusiasm, energy

Those ideas should get you started, but don’t be afraid to click around and see what works for your specific film. Remember: you’re only limited to your own creativity.

How to Use Color Grading Presets

PowerDirector lets you change the color of your film with the click of a button, much like the filters on Instagram. Of course, our powerful software also allows you to tweak the hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrancy, and more to your exact taste. The easiest place to start is with our integrated presets. Here’s how to use them:

1.  Select the portion of your clip that requires color grading

2. Click the Fix/Enhance tab

3. Check the Color Presets & CLUTs box

4. Select your preferred preset

It’s that easy!

Expand Your Options with ColorDirector

If you have ColorDirector installed, you gain access to even more presets so you can further customize your video to your liking. Simply click the ColorDirector tab above the built-in Color Effect presets, and you’ll see a long list of additional color grading presets.

ColorDirector offers much more than just some extra presets. This powerful add-on gives you incredible control over your video’s colors. For example, the Color Splash feature lets you make some of the video black and white while still retaining color on specific objects, creating an artistic visual experience for your viewers.

ColorDirector also has a Color Shift feature that lets you remap the colors in your video. Want that red balloon to be blue? No problem. Want to copy the color grading moods of some of your favorite movies? ColorDirector has built-in movie presets that replicate the color grading of well-known Hollywood films.

Try PowerDirector Free Today

If you’re ready to experience the creative potential of our color grading presets, we encourage you to download a free trial of PowerDirector. Once you start using color grading to enhance your videos, you’ll never want to go back. Take your film editing to the next level with PowerDirector.