How to Use a Sky Replacement Effect for Your Zombie Apocalypse Video

If you’re a horror movie buff, you’ve probably seen a sky replacement effect before. After all, a pleasant blue sky with puffy white clouds doesn’t exactly create the most frightening of atmospheres. When you want the world to look like it’s on its last legs, replacing the sky with PowerDirector gives you the ability to create the perfect mood.

Sky Replacement Ideas

There are plenty of ways to use this neat effect. For example, you could take a time-lapse video of a starry night sky, and use it to replace the day sky in your scene, creating a surreal, larger-than-life look that signifies the passing of time.

Alternatively, you could take the sky from a video before a hurricane and add it to your shot to make it look like there’s a storm brewing, adding an air of tension to the scene. This sky replacement effect lets you customize the sky so you can really set the tone of your movie.

Best of all, you can use any footage (not just sky footage) to make it happen. Want to replace the entire sky with an Earth-sized planet eater? Or, want to make it look like there’s a horde of zombies on the horizon marching towards the city? You’re only limited to your imagination.

How to Replace the Sky with PowerDirector

1. Import the original video clip (Clip A) and drag to the first timeline

2. Import the video clip with the sky you want to use (Clip B) and drag to the second timeline

3. Before applying the sky replacement effect, remove any unnecessary audio by right-clicking the clip and selecting Unlink Video and Audio. Then, select the audio and delete it

4. Highlight Clip B on the second timeline and click Designer & open PiP Designer

5. Scroll down to and select the Chroma Key box

6. Select the eyedropper

7. Click on the sky on a section with the most common color

8. Adjust the edge sharpness if necessary

9. Play the clip

If you followed the instructions correctly, the new sky should be playing where the old sky used to be. You may need to go back to the Chroma Key section and tweak it to your preference.

Powerful Video Editing Software

If you thought creating a sky replacement effect was too difficult, we challenge you to give it a try now.

You can find even more video editing tutorials around our site for more helpful tips and advice. Of course, the best way to improve your video editing skills is simply to get in there and do it. Try our free download of PowerDirector, and experience the endless possibilities. Unleash your full creative potential with the best video software in the industry.