How to Livestream Games to YouTube Fast and Easy

The important parts of streaming your gameplay to YouTube are getting HD quality, no lag or dropped frames, and preserving processing power for the game itself. Screen Recorder 4 makes broadcasting your gaming sessions on YouTube a quick and easy process.

About Screen Recorder 4

Screen Recorder 4 is the ultimate tool for livestreamers, as well as all types of vloggers and content creators. Screen Recorder allows you to stream your gaming live, or you can use the integrated editing features to cut your stream down to just the best moments.

Once you’re comfortable with how to livestream a game on YouTube, you can add your webcam and microphone to the stream so you can include commentary and reactions. You can also multistream to Twitch, Facebook, and custom servers simultaneously.

The Basics

Screen Recorder does what the name implies — it captures what’s happening on your computer’s screen. Here’s how to use it to livestream your gaming:

1. Before you start streaming, make sure you don’t have any private information visible

2. Click the desktop shortcut to launch Screen Recorder

3. Select the Stream tab and select your preferred streaming service (YouTube in this case)

4. Log in with your YouTube Account

5. Select a video resolution & frame rate for your livestream

6. Create a video title and choose your preferred privacy setting

7. Click the Live button to begin the stream (you can also use the F9 hotkey to start/stop the livestream)

8. You can also multistream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Custom Servers to reach a wider audience without the need for additional relay servers.

Other Features

Now that you know the basics of how to livestream a game on YouTube, you may want to also take advantage of other Screen Recorder features to further elevate your streaming experience. For example, you can use the real-time webcam and microphone previews to make sure that everything sounds and looks perfect before you go live.

Want to stream through your console instead of your PC? It’s as easy as connecting your console to an HDMI capture card. Screen Recorder also uses much less CPU and GPU power compared to other screen capturing applications, ensuring that your games run smoothly without lagging, glitching, or other interruptions.

Try Screen Recorder for Free

If you thought learning how to livestream a game on YouTube was going to be difficult, it’s time to give Screen Recorder 4 a try. Download a free trial now, and see just how simple livestreaming your next gaming session can be. Share your love of gaming with the world with this intuitive, robust software.