How to Stabilize and Fix Out-of-Focus Video with this Simple Trick

Trying to stabilize and fix out-of-focus video can be a serious challenge. If reshooting the footage isn’t a possibility, you may need to perform some post-production wizardry. Fortunately, CyberLink PowerDirector software boasts some exciting video editor focus tools and features to help you recover blurry or shaky video footage and photos.

Magic Fix

Magic Fix is an automatic fixer-upper tool that lets you fix shakiness with the touch of a button. For example, say you captured some quick on-the-fly video with your smartphone. Because you didn’t have a tripod on hand, there might be some shakiness and blurriness there, even if you held your phone as still as possible. That’s to be expected.

Fortunately, Magic Fix is there to help you stabilize video with ease. All you need to do is select the footage in question, and then click the Fix/Enhance. Enable the Video Stabilizer to stabilize the shaky video which brings more steady and pleasant viewing experience to users

Tips for Fixing Out-of-Focus Video

Magic Fix is an incredible tool for video editing. At the same time, it never hurts to have multiple tools in your box. After all, trying to fix out-of-focus video often takes time and effort — especially if you’re a perfectionist — and what works for one type of footage isn’t necessarily ideal for another. Try these tips to further improve focus in post:

  • Revert to Neutral

Before you start using video editor focus tools to remove blurriness, it’s usually wise to remove any corrections, effects, or filters so you can start with a blank slate.

  • Use Sharpen

Sharpening your footage may degrade the footage slightly, but it can also help the lines to pop more, effectively reducing blurriness. It’s not always an ideal solution, but it can help in some cases when you need to stabilize video. You may also want to experiment with contrast to further differentiate colors, edges, and lines.

  • Switch to Black and White

If the footage simply can’t be saved in color, you may want to try to salvage the footage by converting it to black and white. Black and white footage gives you more flexibility when defining lines and edges, and black and white footage tends to look sharper in general. It’s not a perfect fix, but it may be a last-ditch option when nothing else works.

Try Professional Video Editing Software

CyberLink is proud to offer cutting-edge, award-winning video editing software that’s powerful and intuitive. Our software can help you stabilize and fix out-of-focus video, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Try it for free today and enjoy premium features for the first 30 days.