How to Choose Video Editing Software

Filmmakers and videographers all know that the right equipment is instrumental in creating a good project. That includes the camera you use as well as the editing software for the collected footage. So how do you choose a video editor that suits your needs?

Here at CyberLink, we’ve developed our own software called PowerDirector, and learned a lot along the way. These should be a few of your top considerations for how to choose video editing software for your project.

A Platform for Different Needs

Are you shooting a video that has a lot of movement and action, like a snowboarding or skateboarding video? Are you trying to create a visually stylish video that has the appearance of a moving painting? Are you trying to create a 360-degree VR-compatible film? When you’re about to choose a video editor, you need to consider the fundamental question: “what am I trying to make?”

Your video editor needs to have the capacity to handle the scope of the project at hand. Make sure you know what it’s capable of before you commit to an editor.

Speed, Speed, Speed

Rendering video, especially high definition, 4K, and 360-degree video can be time-consuming, especially if you’re working on more than one project at once. When thinking about how to choose video editing software, you should be considering your time in addition to what features you’re going to need when cutting together your project.

PowerDirector has an award-winning proprietary rendering engine, making it a safe bet to consider when you choose a video editor.

Plug-ins and Sound Packs

Access to the right sound clips or visual effects can do wonders for your video. Most software doesn’t include these important tools, and buying them separately can get expensive. You’ve got to look at all the tools at your disposal when determining the total value of an editor or editing suite for your project.

PowerDirector 365 is a subscription video editor with unlimited access to a collection of plug-ins & effects from CyberLink that are always updated and constantly expanding. This kind of access is crucial for filmmakers of any level, including the professionals.

Choosing Your Video Editor

So if you’re having trouble deciding on how to choose a video editor that’s right for you, just consider the features above. CyberLink’s PowerDirector or Director Suite just might be right for you.

Start with PowerDirector Essential, a free version with access to premium features for 30 days.