ColorDirector – Just like Lightroom for Your Video Editing

Professional-looking color grading is one of the most important aspects of polished photography and video projects. It’s a big part of what separates the look of your home movies from the ones you see on the big screen.

Maybe you’re a photographer familiar with Lightroom, a popular photo color editing program. And while you can edit video in Lightroom to a limited degree, there is a better way.

CyberLink’s ColorDirector is advanced color grading software for video, with advanced tools beyond the Lightroom video editor.

ColorDirector Motion Tracking

You could spend hours getting frame-perfect color for your photos, but if it’s a video you’re working on, the task just got a whole lot trickier. Precise regional color adjustments in ColorDirector can be set to automatically track and correct areas of your video frame, or even specific objects.

A single colored object in a black and white room really pops. A black and white character in a colored scene is a clever way to show that they’re lonely or isolated. While there’s no motion tracking in the Lightroom video editor, you can add these effects easier than ever in CyberLink’s ColorDirector!

ColorDirector Dehazing

One of the most useful features found within ColorDirector is the dehazing effect. This helps take out the appearance of conditions like fog or humidity. While Lightroom has a similar feature for still images, it can’t be used for video.

When editing in ColorDirector, all you have to do to omit the haze from the video is to use the Dehaze slider, adjusting the amount of color that appears in the video to your liking, which can create a night-and-day difference.

ColorDirector Noise Reduction

Your images can become extremely “noisy”, especially when you’re shooting at night or in a darker area, which may cause grainy luminance to appear all over your footage. CyberLink’s Lightroom-like video editor has an amazing noise reduction feature that improves your visual quality quickly and easily.

ColorDirector Color Shift

Using the Color Wheel feature while editing together your clips is a great way to evoke a certain feeling, depending on the hue you pick. It’s a simple feature in the form of a wheel that lets you tweak the grading to the minutest detail. It’s probably the feature most directly related to color grading, and makes ColorDirector a video editor similar to Lightroom.

ColorDirector Built-In Movie Presets

The presets offered in ColorDirector are a nice counterbalance to the fine-tuning nuance found in the Color Wheel. Sometimes, you just might not be fully sold on the color grading you manually selected.

This is why ColorDirector comes with several presets that you can simply apply to your video, just like in Lightroom, to give your project a distinct feel. Several styles are available in the program including stylish 60s home video and stark sci-fi.

Try These Effects for Free

In a lot of ways, ColorDirector’s video editor is just like Lightroom. But these advanced features and the cost to try it out really set it apart. Get started today with a free trial.