7 Tips on Editing Your Travel Videos to Share

Creating a travel video is a great way to share your story of adventure with friends, family, and anyone online. Sometimes photos alone don’t do your experience justice.

Of course, if you want people to take genuine interest, some travel video tips can go a long way in helping you to be the best travel video editor possible. Travel videos are self-involved and personal by nature, so it can be difficult to get people to take notice. That’s why creating truly engaging travel content is so important. Follow these tips to make your next project a hit.

1. Have a Theme

Sure, you could compile a laundry list of footage, but your audience is going to lose their attention fast. Even if you have some fantastic shots and unique locations, disjointed video that seems to jump from one scene to the next at random is jarring to watch.

One of the most essential travel video tips is that you can’t fix everything in post. You need to start with quality footage to create something special. Before you set off on your journey, try to come up with a theme that makes your video special.

For example, your theme could be doing cartwheels every place you travel to. Or, you could do quick two-second selfie shots at every destination. Try to think of a way to make your footage unique so that you have an idea already in place when you get home. That way, when it’s time to edit the video, you already have a vision.

2. Choose Your Soundtrack Wisely

Easily one of the most crucial travel video tips is that your background music can make or break your video. Spend some time trying to find the perfect track. That way you can edit your video in a way that fits the music.

For example, an upbeat techno song could work great for a video with lots of fast cuts and time-lapse editing, while an ambient track may be better suited for a video with slow motion. Consider the pacing of your video, and choose a soundtrack that aligns with your vision.

In addition to selecting the right music, you may want to incorporate sound effects. Most travel videos have low-quality audio, as bringing dedicated audio equipment just isn’t practical. Using sound effects is a great way to overcome that — just make sure you use sound effects appropriately. For example, if there are bird sounds, there should be birds in the shot.

3. Keep It Succinct

Even the best travel video tips won’t help you if your video is too long. As the travel video editor, it’s up to you to keep your audience interested. Two to three minutes is an ideal length for a typical travel video. More than five minutes is pushing it. Because travel videos are a bit self-indulgent, it’s important to be polite with their length.

As you edit your travel video, it’s probably going to be difficult to choose which shots make the cut. There are plenty of travel videos out there, so try to create a video that your viewers have never seen before. Use footage that captures a unique moment in time that can’t be recreated.

One of the most obvious travel video tips that often gets ignored is that you should try to only use footage that’s truly exceptional. For instance, a shot of local wildlife may be more interesting than a shot of a famous landmark that people have already seen time and time again. Think outside the box, and try to create something brand new.

4. Use Color Adjustment Effects

Travel videos tend to have shots taken in a wide range of environments. That means you’re going to have a lot of different colors and lighting from one shot to the next. Color adjustment effects add consistency to your film, making it more cohesive. PowerDirector features a variety of options, including One-Click Color Correction, Intelligent Color Match, and Color Grading.

5. Add Subtitles

One of the more important travel video tips that’s often overlooked is that just because you know the story that doesn’t mean your viewers do too. It’s easy to assume that the footage speaks for itself.

You may want to add subtitles to ensure that your audience knows what they’re watching. You can use them to label specific locations, the names of people you met, and other information that helps to make your viewers feel like they’re part of the adventure.

6. Complete the Job

There are countless half-edited travel videos sitting on hard drives all over the world. It’s a common blunder — a traveler arrives home excited to work on their video, and then they lose steam. By the time they finish the video (if they do at all), it’s been so long that the video has lost its relevance. One of the simplest travel video tips is to simply finish the job.

7. Use a Travel Pack

PowerDirector is compatible with a wide range of travel-themed creative design packs that empower you to create professional-quality travel videos. Transform your raw footage into something truly spectacular with special effects, templates, PiP objects, particles, and more. Our travel packs let you add those special touches that make your viewers take notice.

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