4 Reasons Why PowerDirector is the Best Mobile Video Editing App

If you’re at a concert or on vacation and all you have is your smartphone or tablet, you might feel discouraged from sharing raw videos with no computer in sight to edit it on. But modern mobile video editors have most of the same powerful & easy-to-use features you can expect on your desktop.

PowerDirector is the best video editor for mobile out there. You can use it anywhere to create some truly amazing work.

  1. Video Effects Literally at Your Fingertips

You would be forgiven for thinking that the PowerDirector app has limitations compared to its desktop version. And you might be surprised to discover it not only has a convenient and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and intuitive touch-based control system, but also several different ways to cut together your videos on the go. This video editor mobile app lets you add titles, transitions, and effects that look just as professional as the full program!

  1. Can Add Voice to Your Videos

The best video editor for mobile empowers you to do more than cut together a sequence of clips. This video editor mobile app includes an audio editor and voice editor so that you can add voiceover and even music to your videos. You can also adjust the volume of the music you decide to use in your video if you want it to be paired with some form of narration.

  1. The Ability to Export Directly to Facebook and YouTube

Once you’ve edited together your video — transitions, soundtrack, and all — you might be grimacing thinking about how you’ll have to export it onto your computer when you get home. This might be common with other video editing mobile apps, but not with PowerDirector.

With PowerDirector, you can actually upload your finished videos directly to Facebook and YouTube as soon as you’re done with them. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about compression limiting your image quality: the video can be exported in 720p or even full HD 1080p resolution.

Use PowerDirector for Free!

So give PowerDirector’s video editor mobile app a try. You just might be surprised at how much you can accomplish editing on a platform that fits in your pocket!