Top 5 Tips for Holiday Photography

When it comes to holiday photography, there’s nothing quite like the moments you capture yourself. Whether you make them into Christmas cards, share on social media, or keep in a family album, those photos will always be special.

You can get professional-looking photos, even if you’re not a pro yourself, with the right know-how, and a few good tools. With CyberLink’s PhotoDirector Essential, you can even do your holiday photo editing for free! Enjoy a month of the best templates, style packs, and a full range of holiday-themed effects. So continue reading on to learn the five best tips for creating the best holiday photography you can imagine.

  1. Learn Your Templates

Many of the photo editing programs provide several templates, including those with a holiday theme. For example, you can select one of several different holiday-themed templates to make your family photo look more like a Christmas card, add a snowing effect, and even create a photo collage. This is a great option for holiday photo editing free of stress.

  1. Make Use of Holiday Backgrounds

In PhotoDirector, you have many, many options for creating some vibrant, high-quality holiday photography. After all, you might not want to simply have a holiday photo of your family in the living room; maybe you want to use a snowy looking animated background. PhotoDirector also allows you to take your videos and turn them into amazing photos with your family in the foreground, while snow actually falls in the background.

  1. Create a Full Greeting Card

You don’t have to go to your local store to get holiday cards for your friends and loved ones, not when you can create your own holiday card with CyberLink’s holiday photography features in PhotoDirector. Place your family photo on the holiday card templates, and you’ll have a card made & ready to print.

  1. Try a Collage or Slideshow

Your holiday photos don’t have to be confined to one simple image. You can create a photo collage or an entire slideshow that features a range of images you captured, whether different pictures of your immediate family being sent out to friends and loved ones or images taken of the entire extended family when they came to visit.

  1. Try the Seasons’ Greetings Express Layer Pack

CyberLink offers an Express Layer Pack designed specifically with holiday photography in mind. It features 20 preset styles overall, 10 for landscape and 10 for portraits, giving you a wide range of options. Best of all, you can download a free trial, letting you do all of your holiday photo editing for free before you make a decision to commit to your purchase.

So those are the top five tips for creating some beautiful holiday photography. Keep these in mind for when you break out the camera for your next holiday card.