7 Instagram Editing Tips to Post the Perfect Picture

Are your photos coming out dull and lifeless? Having trouble attracting followers? We’ve compiled 7 Instagram editing tips that’ll help you find powerful, professional-grade photo editing software that meets your needs. Edit, touch up, and manage your photos both on your phone and PC to give your online presence a boost!

  1. Learn About Layers

Understanding layers is the first step in advanced photo editing. Layering separates your photo into discrete elements that can be modified independent of one another – allowing you to smooth, crop, and even remove backgrounds or clone images.

It can be tough to master, so you’ll want to find software that is intuitive. Check out this introductory tutorial on using layers with PhotoDirector on PC and Mac.

  1. Split Toning & Color Splash

You’re going to want to know about this one if you’re looking to make your pics pop. Split toning is a tried and true technique harkening back to the earliest days of photography. It allows color adjustments to be made to the shadows and highlights of your image, turning a flat, lifeless photo into a richly-hued work of art ready to make the rounds on Insta. With Color Splash you can highlight individual colors in your photos while making the rest of the frame black and white. Getting familiar with these techniques is a real must, and really not as complicated as you might think!

  1. Touch-up Tools

One tried and true Instagram editing tip is that every portrait can’t be picture-perfect every time. But even if your good side isn’t quite good enough, you don’t have to toss your snaps into the recycling bin. Most editing programs have specialized tools designed to enhance figures and faces, make cosmetic tweaks like wrinkle removal or skin smoothening, and generally help you to capture your best self(ie).

  1. Correcting Lens Distortion

All sorts of things can go wrong when you’re taking that shot. If parts of your photos are bulged out or scrunched up, you’ve got a bad case of lens distortion. Many factors can contribute to lens distortion, but eliminating it is usually pretty simple, especially with automatic functionality, a great option if you don’t happen to know much about ‘chromatic aberration’ or ‘vignetting.’ Learn more about this essential feature here.

  1. Watermarks

Are you sure everyone knows your pics are yours? Adding a watermark can be as simple as clicking a button, and you can even get help designing and creating watermarks depending on your needs: sleek and inconspicuous when you want it to blend in, bold and bright when you want it to pop. Make sure that credit for your photos stays with you.

  1. Keep Updated

Whatever Instagram editing software you use, you’ll want to keep up with changes in technology and discover new editing tips, tools, and techniques. Software with a subscription option is certainly worth it: you’ll get product updates and new features, plus comprehensive technical support.

  1. Unlocking AI

We’ve saved the best for last: in recent years editing software has been transformed by the creative power of AI. Photos can be precisely and intelligently scanned to add stylistic flourishes and produce effects that will turn them into truly unique creations perfect for posting. It’s easy and amazing, so don’t forget to look for photo editing software with AI capabilities.

Start with Capable Software

Now that you’re ready to put these tips into action grab a free 30-day trial to CyberLink’s PhotoDirector with all premium features enabled. Or for something more flexible, download PhotoDirector on your Android smartphone. Both are great ways to get started and help you post perfect pics!